Why use Opa Toothbar Soap
as your Natural Toothpaste?


We understand the need for a tooth cleansing product you can feel safe about using for you and your family.

By utilizing nature based ingredients, Opabox offers a revolutionary new way to clean your teeth and your mouth.

Brushing your teeth with the Opa Toothbar helps to destroy bacteria and viruses with its super deep cleaning action.

It also helps to remove hard plaque stuck to enamel thus allowing the teeth to re-enamelize.

The unique blend of each Opa Toothbar is created specifically with ingredients that are known for their dental benefits.

Isn’t it time you start enjoying your visits to the dentist? You owe it to yourself!

Starter Pack, Opa Toothbar, Natural Tooth Soap
  1.  Help fight plaque, tartar and gingivitis with the cleansing power of Opa Toothbar.
  2.  It helps strengthen your teeth and freshen your breath without the mess of toothpaste; it even helps diminish tooth sensitivity!
  3.  The Opa Toothbar is gluten-free, soy-free, fluoride-free and contains none of the following irritants: Parabens, Titanium Dioxide, Carrageenan, SLS/Sulfates or Detergents.
  4.  The Opa Toothbar is safe for everyday use in place of toothpaste.
  5.  The Opa Toothbar is a toxic-free tooth soap bar in a BPA-free jar.
  6.  Contains natural, organic and wild-harvested ingredients; the Opa Toothbar has your best dental interest at heart.
  7.  A little bit goes a long way and gives your mouth that that fabulous “dentist clean” feeling…
  8.  Now that’s something to smile about! 🙂

Why Do We Call It The Opa Toothbar

Hooray we’re extracting impurities from your mouth. That’s why we call it the Opa Toothbar. Opa means “hooray.” Toothbar aids with digging or extracting. It being a natural tooth soap bar in a jar is the reason why it lasts so long.

Hooray to a natural toothpaste alternative that works, last much longer and saves you money!

Here’s What People Are Saying

With numerous nation-wide positive customer feedback and professional endorsements from holistic Dr Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. and Dr Stan Gross, the Opa Toothbar is being recognized world-wide as “Unequivocally the World’s Best Tooth-Brushing Agent”.

Professional Endorsements:

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Shealy, respected world-wide for his innovative and successful rehabilitation approach in over 30,000 patients, Dr Shealy has long prescribed brushing teeth with Opa Toothbars, rather than toothpaste. 

“There is a better way to brush your teeth, it is with Opa (O-P-A) Toothbar. It’s the finest thing in the world to brush your teeth. I like the turmeric; the turmeric has a great deal of extra antioxidants effects but there are other flavors. Far better, far less expensive than toothpaste and cleans your teeth; cleans, cleans, cleans your teeth better than any toothpaste in the world- Opa Toothbar.”†

“I can now 5 star rate Opa Toothbar. It’s the best ever. No need for any mouth wash or any other tooth cleanser!”†

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. / Shealy Wellness


Dr. Stan Gross
“Opabox has toothbars made from all-natural, healthy, tasty products. My teeth have never been brighter, my breath remains fresh and my smile is bigger than ever; there is never a concern about toxic side-effects.”†
Dr. Stan Gross / Pure Manna International, Inc.


Positive Customer Feedback:


“I owe my dental recovery to Opabox and the toothbar. I went to my last specialist 2 years ago and to their surprise, my gum disease was completely cured. The only thing I had done different was I stopped using Crest toothpaste and switched to the Opa Toothbar. The results have sold a lifetime customer in me.” -J.Wiley (lifetime astonished customer)

“In searching for a healthy toothpaste for my family, I stumbled across Opa tooth bars. After one use I was hooked! Tooth bars are different than traditional toothpaste, they are extremely clean- no mess at all- super easy to travel with and even the kids like them. Your teeth feel wonderfully clean. My dentist actually asked me what I had been doing differently- said my gums were extremely healthy. As if that weren’t enough, I have a tooth that is so sensitive I was told I would need a root canal- it has calmed down now, and most of the sensitivity I have been struggling with for years is gone! I love Opa Toothbar!” –L. DeCamps (mom tested & kid approved customer)


About Us

Opabox is a family-based company that originates in Springfield, MO. Amy Savvenas, CEO of Opabox, created the Opa Toothbar with her husband’s extreme periodontal issues in mind.

She wanted to offer the best possible option for a really natural toothpaste alternative that lacked nothing except the toxicity that other toothpastes contain.

The phenomenal results of Opa Toothbar was noticed early on and the cleaning power of Opabox has since made its wave across the world to many satisfied customers.

Revolutionizing “What Toothpaste Should Be” since 2011.

Raising the Bar on Toothpaste

With health-conscious consumers on the rise, toothpaste alternatives have never been more in demand. Whether consumers are looking for oral hygiene products without toxic ingredients or simply seeking oral hygiene products that are free of synthetic allergens.

Most Warmly,
Amy Savvenas

And All of the Opabox Team!

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