Using Bar Soap as Toothpaste- Is it Sanitary?

Using Soap as Toothpaste- Is it Sanitary?

For beginners, we should be asking, “Is toothpaste sanitary?”

Allow me to start with the unsafe outlining of toothpaste that contains toxic fluoride. That’s right, sodium “Fluoride” is a toxic byproduct of  GAS called Fluorine –which according to the Merck Index is primarily used as rat and cockroach poison, and let’s not forget that it’s an active ingredient in toothpaste.

Ingesting artificial fluoride chemicals does not prevent tooth decay, but rather destroys your insides and leads to the development of cancer and other illnesses. “Once ingested, fluoride compounds attack the structural integrity of our insides,” says Ellison (award-winning chemist, author, and founder of “Collagen, a web-like network connecting our skeletal system to muscles, is torn apart by fluoride.

We feel it as joint stiffness, ligament damage, and aching bones. This same mechanism leads to browning of teeth, an outcome known as fluorosis.” Wow- comforting isn’t it? And to think, all this time I was told it was “growing pains”.

Fluoride has never been shown to actually prevent cavities.

On the contrary, fluoride ingestion actually promotes tooth decay, and even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admits that there is no verifiable, scientific proof that fluoride in any way prevents cavities.

In addition to fluoride, synthetic glycerin, also known as propylene glycol, or PG is thrown into the mix. PG/propylene glycol can be found in many vapor juices and other food flavorings. It’s highly irritating to skin and should be avoided. The  large amounts contained in toothpaste heavily coats the teeth, thus preventing re-enamelization of the teeth and encouraging tooth sensitivity.

So concluding, most toothpaste has toxic fluoride that is being literally pasted directly onto your gums and teeth, while the massive amount of propylene glycol( also known as PG)  is only keeping the toxic fluoride packed into your gums and teeth. Still feeling “Safe” about toothpaste? Using soap as toothpaste, is beginning to sound more promising and a lot safer isn’t it? So, on to the bar soap we go…

“Is brushing my teeth with a bar of soap sanitary?”

In the few studies that have been done on the matter, test subjects were given bars of soap laden with E. coli and other bacteria and instructed to wash up. None of the studies found any evidence of bacteria transfer from the soap to the subjects’ hands. (It should be noted that two of these studies were conducted by Procter & Gamble and the Dial Corp., though no contradictory evidence has ever been found.)

Treat it like you would any other bar soap. Just rinse it off. Bar soap helps destroy bacteria and viruses as well as helps to remove hard plaque stuck to enamel thus allowing the teeth to re-enamelize. Bar soap as toothpaste can taste something awful, but the Opa Toothbar gives a flavorful option.

It’s a safe and sanitary toothbar soap, non toxic(fluoride free), and instead of “heavily coating” teeth, this toothbar soap gently yet deeply cleanses for healthy teeth, gums, and breath.

Opa Toothbar is a flavorful tooth soap in a bar form for easy toothpaste.

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