Opa Toothbar Now In Price Cutter Pharmacies

Opa Toothbar Price Cutter - ToothPaste Alternative

The Opa Toothbar is making waves across the Ozarks where it was founded even local pharmacist are now on board. Why? Opa Toothbars are the best product on the market for cleansing your teeth & gums. With excellent customer reviews plus it being recommended by very well known doctors; it belongs in the pharmacy. “We cant say it heals but you can.” We’re so happy to announce that Price Cutter Pharmacies are providing a true solution to their customers that are looking for a better way to clean their teeth and gums. In turn their customers are thanking them right back!

Dr. Shealy, respected world-wide for his innovative and successful rehabilitation approach in over 30,000 patients, has long prescribed brushing teeth with Opa Tooth Soap, soap for teeth, rather than toothpaste.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. – Highly Recommends Opa Toothbars – as ‘Unequivocally the World’s Best Toothbrushing Agent’, ‘No need for any mouth wash or any other tooth cleanser!’ It’s the finest thing in the world to brush your teeth. I like the turmeric; the turmeric has a great deal of extra antioxidants effects but there are other flavors. Far better, far less expensive than toothpaste and cleans your teeth; cleans, cleans, cleans your teeth better than any toothpaste in the world- Opa Toothbar.”

This vegan soap for teeth contains natural ingredients that are known for their dental health and well-being.  One try and you’ll see why “It’s What Toothpaste Should Be”. It tastes great. rinses off quickly and leaves your mouth squeaky clean. It’s a super economical product considering what you’ll save at the dentist. One Toothbar jar lasts 4x longer than toothpaste. The Opa Toothbar is fluoride-free; containing organic and wild-crafted oils.

Price Cutter Pharmacies and Opabox are creating a great partnership to provide customers a new natural oral solution the WORKS!

This partnership means that more of our customers will be able to pick up our Opa Toothbars at a local store they love and trust.

Price Cutter Pharmacy Stores Carrying the Opa Toothbar

  • Price Cutter Plus Pharmacy: 5504 N. 17th Street, Ozark, MO 65721
  • Price Cutter Plus Pharmacy: 335 No. Nolting Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802
  • Price Cutter Plus Pharmacy: 3260 E. Battlefield, MO 65804
  • Price Cutter Plus Pharmacy: 4228 S. National, Springfield, MO 65810
  • Price Cutter Plus Pharmacy: 2021 W. Republic Road, Springfield, MO 65807
  • Price Cutter Plus Pharmacy: 400 Massey Boulevard, MO 65714
  • Price Cutter Pharmacy: 1013 US Hwy 60 E., Republic, MO 65738

Opa Toothbars™ are also available at Mama Jeans, NormShealy.com, AzureStandard.com, Amazon, HyVee’s, and online at https://opabox.com.

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