For all who seek it, Opabox™ allows one’s self to ‘step outside of the box’, to return to one’s natural dental roots through holistic direction and natural tooth care products…

When Amy Savvenas, an accomplished herbalist, set out to create an alternative to her old, store-bought toothpaste, she wanted a natural solution that would fight plaque and tartar without the fluoride, triclosan and foaming agents that are so common.

After extensive research, she decided xylitol was a logical place to start. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is widely accepted for its dental hygiene benefits. She combined xylitol with a proprietary mix of specific natural ingredients to develop the Opa Toothbar™, which she says acts like “soap for your teeth.”

“This is what toothpaste should be,” she said. “It’s not a paste, but a flavorful, light, soap-based teeth cleaner. So you get a really clean mouth, while having peace of mind.”

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“We all are created as self-healing entities.” -Opabox

Amy Savvenas created the Opa Toothbar™ to offer a nature based alternative to toothpaste for her husband’s periodontal disease. Healing changes in both teeth and gums were noticed early on, and the Opa Toothbar™ results were evident. Dr. Shealy Strongly Recommends Opa Toothbar™ as ‘Best Tooth-Brushing Agent’. Using nature based ingredients, Opabox™ offers a revolutionary new way to clean teeth and mouth, “It’s What Toothpaste Should Be!”

“When it comes to health,…we become that which we color our self as.” -Amy Savvenas

An imaginative dreamer and believer that achieves creating endless possibilities from natural basics, Amy Savvenas sees vibrant ideas as opportunities to bring creativity to life…naturally of course.


Shealy said on KWTO – April 7, 2016, “There is a better way to brush your teeth, it is with a tooth soap Opa (O-P-A) Toothbar. It’s the finest thing in the world to brush your teeth. I like the turmeric; the turmeric has a great deal of extra antioxidants effects but there are other flavors. Far better, far less expensive than toothpaste and cleans your teeth; cleans, cleans, cleans your teeth better than any toothpaste in the world- Opa Toothbar.” View press release here.