When Amy Savvenas, an accomplished herbalist, set out to create an alternative to her old, store-bought toothpaste, she wanted a natural solution that would fight plaque and tartar without the fluoride, triclosan and foaming agents that are so common. After extensive research, she decided xylitol was a logical place to start.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is widely accepted for its dental hygiene benefits. She combined xylitol with a proprietary mix of specific natural ingredients to create the Opa Toothbar, which acts like “soap for your teeth.”

This is what toothpaste should be. It’s not a paste, but a flavorful, light, soap-based teeth cleaner. So you get a really clean mouth, while having peace of mind.

Shealy on KWTO – April 7, 2016, View press release here.

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