Why Use The Toothbar?

One try and you’ll see why! Safe for everyday use in place of toothpaste. No warning labels!
Lasts at least 3x longer than toothpaste. Start fighting plaque, tarter and gingivitis. Strengthen your teeth and freshen your breath without the mess of toothpaste; it even helps diminish tooth sensitivity.


Opa Toothbar : Natural Toothpaste, That’s Flavorfully Soap Based; Restoring Your Teeth Naturally.

Step outside the toothpaste box and join the toothbar revolution with this refreshing teeth cleansing soap toothpaste bar. Made with organic, wild-harvested and really natural ingredients; Opabox Opa Toothbar cleans your teeth and your gums perfectly, removing unwanted impurities from the teeth and mouth for better dental health! Opa Toothbars come in many delightful flavors: Turmeric, Cinna-Clove, Minty, Minty Nutmeg, Lemon Drop and Frankincense; enticing your real taste buds.

Start enjoying visits to your dentist. You owe it to yourself.

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“We Can’t Say it Heals, But You Can!™”

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