Opa Toothbars “It’s What Toothpaste Should Be” taste GREAT, rinses off quickly and lasts a super long time making it it an economical product considering what you’ll save at the dentist. Your mouth will never feel cleaner with this fluoride-free and vegan natural tooth soap. Kid tested and parent approved, the Opa Toothbar™ is safe for everyday use in place of toothpaste.

Comes in a BPA-Free Jar packed with essential ingredients designed for freshness, portability and convenience.


Opa Toothbar™

Step outside the box with this refreshing teeth cleansing fluoride-free natural tooth soap bar in a jar. Comes in many Non-Artificial delightful flavors: Turmeric, Frankincense, Myrrh Spice, Ginger Mint, Cinna-Clove, Minty and Lemon Drop.

Customers Love It!