Natural Tooth Soap Bar in a Jar – Opa Toothbar

One try and you’ll see why Opa Toothbar™ leaves your teeth squeky clean, tastes great, rinses off quickly and lasts a super long time making it an economical product considering what you’ll save at the dentist! 

Your mouth will never feel cleaner with this fluoride-free and vegetarian natural tooth soap. It’s Dr. Recommended, family approved and is safe for everyday use in place of toothpaste. It even comes in a BPA-Free Jar designed for freshness, portability and convenience.

No liquids to spill or stain and no powders to litter!

Opa Toothbar

We are excited to introduce our improved: Turmeric, Minty, Lemon DropCinna Clove, Frankincense and Myrrh Spice

After years of outstanding reviews from happy customers we’re super excited to offer you the best tooth soap on the market. Opabox™ is striking back at the root of the problem – your toothpaste. Why? Because it works! So… the next time someone offers to wash your mouth out with soap make sure that it’s Opa Tooth Soap!

We offer many delicious non-artificial flavors that contain ingredients known for their healing properties.