Natural Tooth Soap Bar in a Jar

One try and you’ll see why Opa Toothbar™ tastes GREAT, rinses off quickly and lasts a super long time making it an economical product considering what you’ll save at the dentist! Your mouth will never feel cleaner with this fluoride-free and vegan natural tooth soap. It’s Dr. Recommended, kid tested, parent approved and is safe for everyday use in place of toothpaste. It even comes in a BPA-Free Jar designed for freshness, portability and convenience.

We offer many delicious non-artificial flavors that contain ingredients known for their healing properties.

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Brushinging your teeth with soap instead of toothpaste is such a revolutionary way to keep your teeth & gums exceptionally clean. After years of outstanding reviews from happy customers we’re super excited to offer you the best tooth soap on the market. Opabox™ is striking back at the root of the problem – your toothpaste. Why? Because it works! So… the next time someone offers to wash your mouth out with soap make sure it’s Opa Tooth Soap!